About Us

Welcome to “Teamore”!

At “Teamore” online tea shop, we pride ourselves on continuing the 5000-year-old tea tradition by offering top quality specialty teas with natural ingredients by Impra Tea. We are passionate about providing delicious teas that are the best for YOUR life. Take a look at our “Tea Shop” to find the tea best for you!

" Where we lovingly combine appreciation of tea’s rich traditions with exploration of vibrant flavours and invigorating aromas. Experience the allure of this ancient beverage.

At “Teamore” Online Teashop, we aim to provide a wide array of quality  Impra Teas for purchase via direct retail or through the convenience of our online store. From classic black teas to gourmet  rare blends, our selection consists entirely of all-natural teas and tisanes crafted from premium grade tea leaves and herbals. Taste your way through our carefully curated selection of quality tea bags and loose leaf treasures from around the world!